uPVC Doors & Windows
uPVC Doors

uPVC Doors has proven to be not only the most energy efficient but also the most eco-friendly, budget friendly and a material with maximum aesthetic appeal when compared to wood or aluminium. At Roffurs, the further differentiator we create is the formulation of our profile making it Indian weather and user friendly.

Which is why since the time we have started our operation in India, we are proud to say, our ‘MADE IN INDIA’ product has had ‘ZERO’ customer complaints with repeat customers from across the country. Many new brands have come and gone as German, Chinese and other foreign players, but not us, because we understand and adapt according to what our customers want!

uPVC Windows

The windows that Roffurs has created feature timeless designs. They are the pinnacle of innovative illustration and are appropriate for all styles of structures, from old to new. The practise of harsh warfare gives them the advantage of being maintenance-free for years.

Comparing uPVC windows to conventional wooden and aluminium windows, there are a number of benefits. These windows have several benefits, including being maintenance-free, simple to install, affordable, attractive, available in a variety of shapes and finishes, fire resistant, weather resistant, highly water tight, and noise-proof.


Eco Friendly

Simply said, we don’t cut trees to make windows and doors for you. And if we use our doors and windows well, they can last us a lifetime without the need for repair work that wood demands.

Fire Resistant

uPVC comprises of certain fire retardant ingredients. uPVC frames are made of self-extinguishable material that does not support combustion. Fingers crossed, if there is a fire in your facility, your doors and windows will die out last, providing you the safest exit point

Water Resistant

Extreme harsh weather, Heavy Rain have no adverse effect on uPVC windows, uPVC windows can bear rain lifelong