Office Interior with Recycled and Refurbished Furniture

We have taken up over 50 "turnkey" office interior projects for a variety of clients ranging from small businesses to medium size MNCs.We often see that the availability and production timeline of furniture can be as big a deal-breaker as cost. As a response, we have evolved a unique approach to both cost and time through recycling and refurbishing furniture. This allows us to match our clients’ budget and delivery expectations in several optimal ways.

While we work with furniture suppliers in refurbishing discarded furniture and ensure that the pieces appear no different from brand new ones, we also offer our clients a "mix and match" approach to furniture comprising both old and new equipment. Our experience shows that such reuse can deliver significant cost savings. We are timesavers as well – since we are always ready with the necessary material, we can offer ready estimates of furniture availability.

Outfitting an office today can be prohibitively expensive, with just the Branded workstation cost amounting over INR 18k – branded chairs alone can hit your pocket by INR 15k! Recycling and refurbishing can bring down these by as much as 50-60% - a cost savings companies can hardly disagree with. The savings don’t stop with just the furniture though. Carpeting is a key component of expenses on interiors, branded carpet costing up to INR 150/ sq.ft.; significant costs can also be incurred in glass installations. We have consistently delivered competitive pricing for both these materials through refurbishing available materials – with the promise that the quality will be unbelievable, right down to the film on the glass.

When you are building out your office, you will see costs escalate almost invisibly. Our team can work on the full range of office equipment including air conditioners and electrical and decorative equipment in addition to furniture, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about not budgeting for any equipment or component