Cabin Tables & Study Table

Modern offices nowadays comprise of large operational floors with rows and rows of Cabin tables and study Table for employees without any barriers or grade wise separations, etc. In the olden days there used to be separate cabins and compartments for employees of a particular category or position to differentiate them either by department of by position they hold. Nowadays its more of an open floor policy, where managers and his/her teams sit on the same floor and with no separations because of furniture. However, some offices still have cabins for the upper or high level management, who actually do not need to interact with their respective teams. These cabins may be strategically placed on the same floor and area of the teams these managers manage and with glass walls, however they are still separate and create a private space for the manager for himself.

These individual spaces or cabins might have a separate kind of furniture, with different utility value and even some facilities which the others are not given, simply because the managers need them and the other employees don’t. For example, the office cabin table might be made with different wood or may be designed different or simply has utilities attached to it which are required more by the manager who is going to be using it. These cabin tables may be more sophisticated looking and can be bigger in size. Categorizing them into two would make this simpler to understand.