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Furnishing an office can be a challenging task. Whether you are opening a new office or renovating a current office, the furniture used does more than just fill the space with needed things. The atmosphere and aesthetic look is important for staff productivity and also overall brand awareness. Determining your budgets, and getting the best value for money will always be a priority and refurbished office furniture could be the way forward.

If you looking for office furniture, look no further than Roffurs. We offers one of the most extensive selections of refurbished high-end brands office furniture, procured from top notch multinational companies. We are specialized in office dismantling, re-structuring & re-design, renovation services. No matter if it's a multi-story office complex or a home office, we can help you furnish your workspace. In every project, our expert knowledge and unparalleled experience will support and earn your trust by providing exceptional service from beginning to end. We strive for more than just sales. Whether you're shopping on a budget or looking for good deals, Roffurs can help!

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Why Second Hand Office Furniture


Buying used Office Furniture is Often more sustainable, ethical, healthy and Cost Effective.

Design your Workstation for Maximum Productivity.

Furniture that make you grab a seat.


It's a smart move to buy used furniture because it's usually only a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Many of the pieces have only been used for a few years, making them hard to tell apart.  It’s been shown that start-up companies, for example, can often save as much as sixty percent over the cost brand new furniture. Find great prices on gently-used furniture at Roffurs.

Get good deals on gently-used furniture by shopping at Roffurs.

Time & Energy Savings

The process of ordering new office furniture can be time-consuming, and sorting through a wide selection of furniture eats up precious time in your busy schedule.  Often buyers may find out they have to wait weeks, or even months, to receive the new furniture they purchased for an office. On the other hand, refurbished office furniture can be delivered straight away. Roffurs has already done the hard work, and is able to narrow down the best options.

Environmental Benefits

Refurbished office furniture is better for the environment. By purchasing gently used office furniture, you are saving the world from extra fossil fuels, raw materials and overall waste that would manifest from producing new furniture. It keeps perfectly usable furniture out of landfills and reduces the need for new manufacturing. Buying refurbished office furniture for your business allows you to do good for yourself as well as for the planet!

Bang For Your Buck

Buying new office furniture means you'll lose the majority of the value you invested in it, and if you ever want to resell it, it will likely cost much less than you spent. Buying used office furniture enables you to spend less, and possibly recoup a much greater percentage of your initial investment.


Does Your Supplier Guarantee Customization & Speed of Installation?

They should. Track meets your custom needs quickly, We routinely install within few weeks of your order.

High Quality

Buying new furniture is a gamble as to how well it will perform whereas buying used furniture has already been put to the test to learn how well it stands up to the test. Hence, you should only choose quality brands and Roffurs stands behind the product they sell.

Growth Potential

New businesses often have difficulty investing in office furniture, especially for their first few years. Buying used furniture offers your business room to grow and allows for a flexible budget. Once your business has started to grow, you can upgrade with different furniture.

Smart Budgeting

Every business needs a well-planned budget. When you save on furniture, you can put your extra funds to other uses. When you invest in marketing, inventory, and product improvement, you will see profit improvements.